Sunday, July 27, 2003

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Life couldn't get much better for me right now - and yet, every day, it does. I live in Calgary, which is one of the best cities in the world in which to live, if not THE best. It is so clean, and pretty, with the Rocky Mountains on the horizon, and the crystal-clear Bow River running through downtown. This is probably the only city in the world with a million or more people where one can go fly-fishing in the middle of downtown.

I love my job. I work at interalia, which is a wonderful place to work. It is wholly privately-owned and has zero debt, and no union. We manufacture circuit boards, in runs of 5 to 5000, both thru-hole and surface mount. We Also go all the way up to full enclosures, and make a multitude of systems for many customers. We inspect to IPC610-c(3) standards, and are very proud of the high-quality work that we do. The work is interesting and challenging, the environment is friendly, and the pay and benefits are good.

I ride my bicycle to work, 110 blocks each way (about 7 miles or so). I have ridden a bicycle as a commuter for the better part of 18 years, with the exception of two or three years when i owned vehicles. I am in great shape, as good as when i was in high school on the soccer team. I would be in even better shape if I didn't smoke cigarettes; the day is coming soon when I will quit.

I have a job offer in Florida, doing my dream job, starting at the end of September. I get to build robots and control systems and work with extreme-environment testing facilities. I am a mad scientist, after all.

I am happily single. I intend to stay that way for quite some time. I see no point in "find a nice girl and settle down get a job in a cubicle and have a heart attack and raise 2.1 children and 1.4 pets and buy a house with a white picket fence and mow the lawn until you retire and die of boredom". Why bother with that nonsense? I am going to live my life my way, thank you very much. I will make plenty of mistakes along the way, but they will be my mistakes and I will have earned the lessons they teach me. I like it that way.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Bet you never knew Stephen Hawking was a gangsta rappa
my open letter to michael moore

Dear Lardass

i know it has been a couple of months since the academy awards, but i just couldn't keep this back any longer. So you won some statue. Big fucking deal. A few thousand people voted for your piece of dreck over four other pieces of dreck. Have you ever run for office? huh? have you ever put your money where your mouth is? aside from daily trips to mickey dees and burger king. READ THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION PAL! George Bush is the duly-elected president. if you don't like the electoral college system, change your constitution. or move to a socialist country like canada. boohoo al gore didn't get elected even though he cheated (hanging chads? give me a break. the only way you would get hanging chad on the ballot is if someone punched dozens of them at the same time). get over it. if GWB bothers you so much, run for office yourself... or don't you have the cojones to actually FACE VOTERS?

You want to talk about a phony war? how about clinton bombing iraq for three days (i don't recall him seeking UN sanction) just to distract attention from the fact that he COMMITTED PERJURY? and that he took sexual advantage of an employee - an offense for which any other CEO would lose their job? huh? smart guy? Face it dude, a majority of people see through you like a plate-glass window. only a miniscule percentage of people in the USA have ever seen "roger and me" or "bowling for columbine" -- and there is a reason for that. i leave the reason as an exercize for the student.

whew. i feel much better now